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We strive to become one of the most trusted online platforms for learning music, dance & performing arts and to discover the hidden talent of our students in other genres too, by contributing to their holistic development.

Our aim is to impart industry-standard knowledge, skills and develop the benefits of music and dance to every child & adult, who are willing to learn, letting them have skills which can help them develop to grow faster.

We’re a team of committed and passionate teachers focused on introducing more children and adults to the world of music, i.e. singing, playing instruments & dancing.

We teach Hindustani, Western and Carnatic Vocals by some of the best teachers across the globe.

We teach musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, ukulele, drums, harmonium, sitar, tabla, flute, saxophone, xylophone, violin, etc.

Across a wide range of music genres like classical, western, contemporary, pop, rock, blues, light music, ghazals, devotional, Disney songs, etc.

We currently teach over 1800 + students across the globe


We want to deliver a service quality which stand a class apart when it comes to providing the best teachers for our Students.We are a digital platform for online music education. We are re-imagining music learning by creating a promising a music school driven by Curated Curriculum & Certified Trainers. Our core values are - Commitment, Honesty, Loyalty, Efficiency, Reliability, Consistency, and Optimism and above all Respect to our customers.

Piuriyaz Academy

The idea of “Piuriyaz Academy” originated from our founder - Nayan's experience of getting the best music training possible. Hence, he started looking for a good academy to reconnect with his passion to benefit in music holistically & become more creative & better prepared for the future.

When he could not find any specific institute which is well established that can give him the confidence about the training material and trainer, he saw that most often the training institutes were not recognized or they were far away from home or there were some quality concerns which is an interesting problem to be resolved.

What he further realized was that the personal challenge what he was facing, is the pain point of millions of people across India & abroad who are looking for quality music education for their children or for themselves.

So he decided to bridge this gap of availability, quality & convenience by incubating 

“Piuriyaz  Academy” 

So that everyone gets the benefit of quality training in this pandemic at the comfort of their home with online classes.



We want to reach out to everyone who loves music. We welcome aboard, People from different age groups to our platform and learn music from the comfort of their home. We have created courses with an age- appropriate approach and also keep adding new courses and content very often, to keep the engagement level high. Since every individual is different, we make sure to design personalised courses for our students according to their personality and interest level. The focus is on holistic learning of an individual and making a real difference in their lives through music education

We got the idea of continuing the process of training and learning several musical instruments and dance forms that too in online classes. Piuriyaz has brought this idea of virtual music and dance classes

In this fast pace of life it is very important to slow down, get off the work treadmill and reconnect with your passion. It can help you escape the daily grind and boost emotional wellbeing. Give yourself some freedom to explore your passion along with your nine-to-five job. This way you can also set a healthy boundary between your work and personal life and connect with people with the same interest level. It also helps to energize an individual when they pursue passion outside of their work.

Since music is a pervasive part of our daily lives, it’s never too late to learn your favourite instrument or to sing a song you are obsessed with. We’ve got you covered with all that you need to excel in your musical journey.
Curated curriculum, certified trainers and one on one interactive sessions with excellent music delivery can help you level up your skills with total ease.

We are growing by leaps and bounds while still maintaining its unique atmosphere.